The First NFT Wine Brand

We create NFTs backed by physical wine and/or acting as membership cards (offering discounts, gifts, exclusives), or limited-edition art. Our first release, Genesis 2021, in partnership with Jezreel Valley Winery, sold over 700 cases in one week, a full year before its production!

If you run a winery and want to get started in NFTs, please reach out!

Unique Redemption Methods

Our tech supports wine NFTs transforming upon redemption, remaining the same, or even getting destroyed ("burnt" in NFT lingo).

Fun Game Mechanics

When you mint one of our NFTs, you have a chance at rolling a rare, which offers unique perks like extra bottles, larger formats, or getting an homage on the wine's label. For some releases we also leverage generative art, which makes every NFT a unique 1 of 1 work of art.

NFT Native Team

Authenticity is everything. Our team not only understands NFT culture, we helped shape it. We founded Untamed Elephants, the first-ever NFT project with a charitable mission, and have published 5 successful collections to date, including the first generative cubist collection.

Fractional Ownership

NFT technology enables exciting new use cases, like offering fractional ownership of limited edition wine. For Genesis 2021 we released fractional seedling NFTs, each representing 1/4th a case.

Our Wines

To date we've released two wines in partnership with Jezreel Valley Winery: Our flagship release Genesis 2021 and Pink Elephant Parade, both available on OpenSea and now shipping. Just make sure to check whether or not the NFT has been redeemed before buying on our Redemption Site.

Genesis 2021 is an amazing Syrah by one of the highest-rated wineries in Israel. It has historical value as the first NFT wine brand and you can redeem each NFT + pay a shipping fee for a case of 6 bottles of wine. In addition, owning the NFT gives holders free airdrops, contest entries, wine discounts, and more.

Get in Touch

Whether you're interested in buying or creating wine NFTs, let's talk! Email us any time or drop by our Discord and say hi.

Redeem Wines
To redeem Genesis 2021 or Pink Elephant Parade, or for the latest updates on what we're up to, visit our Redemption Site.