The First NFT Wine Club

Buy a Grape Fam NFT and you'll receive membership in the world's first NFT winery and wine club. You'll also receive tokenized ownership of one case (six 750ml bottles) of our upcoming Genesis Vintage 2021 wine release, which will be stored in an insured, temperature-controlled facility and never sold outside of the NFT.

Buy/sell/trade your Grape Fam and ownership of the wine changes with it. Also: Genesis holders will benefit from EVERY future wine we produce.

Crush Your Grape,
Claim Your Wine

At any time you can crush ("burn" in NFT lingo) your Grape Fam, pay a processing fee, and take shipment of Genesis Vintage 2021. While you may regret it later, other holders will cheer, because you've just reduced the supply of Grape Fams on the market and increased their collectability.

(Note: if your local laws prevent you from having the wine shipped, we can arrange for in-person pick-up at our facility.)

Find the Rare Fams

When you mint a Grape Fam, you won't know which one you'll get as each has different, random traits. Two traits will be coveted:

Golden Grape Fam: 4 Grape Fams will be golden. If you hold one, you'll receive every new wine Hello fam! produces for free. Additionally, your wine will be enclosed in six gold-labeled, 1500ml magnum-sized bottles.

Signature Grape Fam: 2 Grape Fam will be Signature Edition. This is the most valuable Grape Fam because you'll get to customize it with one unique trait of your choice (within reason). Then it will be featured on our Genesis Vintage 2021 label, immortalizing it forever. Finally, your wine will be stored in a single, 12L Balthazar bottle.

Great Team, Better Wine

Hello fam! is co-founded by Vinsent, which helps 100+ wineries sell directly to consumers, Adam Ghahramani who runs one of the largest NFT communities and collections in the world (Untamed Elephants), and Tiffany Wong, veteran ex-Wine Spectator designer who has worked with over 50 different wine and spirits brands.

Genesis Vintage 2021 will be a Syrah blend red wine from Jezreel Valley, which has a track record of producing 90+ scoring boutique luxury bottlings for Syrah. We are producing a collectible, award-calibre wine that will stand on its own and the test of time.

Genesis Vintage 2021 will never be sold or distributed outside of our initial NFT launch, making it extremely limited.

Built-In Fractional Ownership With Seedlings

To promote inclusivity and enable fractional ownership, you will be able to purchase and trade Seedling NFTs, which are each backed by a single bottle of Genesis Vintage 2021. Collect and destroy 6 Seedling NFTs to redeem for a case of wine. Seedling NFTs will not have rarities attached, so in general it's better to buy a full Grape Fam.

Meet Our Fine Artist

After an exhaustive search, we are thrilled to partner with veteran fine artist Ha Yael to bring the Grape Fam to life. Her work uses simple geometric shapes and bright colors to create bold personality. Your NFT doesn’t just represent fine wine, it’s a 1 of 1 work of art you can frame and hang on your wall.

Because We Care

1% of every Grape Fam and Seedling Mint will be donated to a select food, farming, or environmental non-profit voted on by the community. 2% of every Mint will go to saving the elephants.

Minting Complete!